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Nick waking up to an empty bed and finding Kelly downstairs with his head in his heads and his shoulders shaking like he's crying. Nick wrapping him up in a hug and asking him what happened. And all Kelly can say, "Every time I close my eyes, I see the desert and you in that truck, but this time you aren't breathing." And Nick shushes him and asking him what he hears. And Kelly mumbles that he hears Nick's heartbeat. And Nick just smiles into his hair and says, "And it's yours."


oh my god tristina. i don’t even know what to say to this it’s perfect. 

Nick feels Kelly’s hands fist tightly in the fabric of his shirt in response. 

Kelly’s voice is barely more than an exhale of breath when he speaks again. 


Nick pulls back to study Kelly’s face, chills dancing across his skin but heat pumping through his veins at that simple word. He untangles his hand from where it is wrapped around Kelly and brushes his fingers lightly over Kelly’s cheek trailing them down his neck and over his collar bone, stopping when his hand rests over Kelly’s heart. 

"yeah kels, and you’re mine as well." 

Kelly’s breath hitches. 

"Forever right?" 



"I promise."


The official playlist for Cross & Crown, the second in the Sidewinder Series.

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Brad Pitt in 1994
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"Kings" + Final Words

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Nick calling Kelly apologizing because he has to cancel his visit because he is sick and there is no way he can get on a plane. Kelly showing up on Nick's boat about 12hrs later with soup from Nick's favorite place and a handful of movies.. And Nick is like "Kels you didn't have to come all the way out here to spend your weekend with a sick dude." and Kelly is like "of course I did, I'm your Doc." Nick tries to tell Kelly that he feels disgusting and Kelly should probably sleep on the couch. 1/2


But Kelly jumps in bed with him anyway knowing Nick can’t physically stop him. And Kelly loves Nick when he’s sick because he’s a pathetic whiney irish man that keeps insisting whiskey would be better than cough medicine but he really just wants to be cuddled. They spend the whole weekend snuggled up together and of course Kelly gets sick as well. 2/2

And for all his whining, Nick always ends up with his head either in Kelly’s lap or on Kelly’s chest while Kelly watches movie after movie after movie. Nick sometimes manages to stay awake through the whole thing. Other times, he lightly snores against Kelly’s skin.

Kelly has to sweet talk him into taking his meds even though Nick insists they won’t work on him because his system is so fucked up.

Nick’s curled up and miserable and achey and nauseated, but all he can do is apologise to Kelly for ruining his weekend. And Kelly just shushes him and tells him to go to sleep.

And when Monday morning rolls around and Nick wakes up feeling okay but Kelly’s spiked a fever and is curled up in a ball in the bed under the covers, Nick calls in sick to work so he can pull Kelly against his body and cuddle him while they watch movie after movie after movie.

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i love you

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So what have you been up to since New York?

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